We will be opening on May 28th for the 2021 summer season. We will book up every day, please book online to reserve your spot. We apoligize, but we receive hundreds of phone calls each day, and may not be able to get to yours. Booking online is the best way to reserve. 

 Ocean City and West Ocean City Maryland

Close to Delaware and Assateague Island

Q: What does renting a Jet Ski/Waverunner mean, how does it work? 

A: Jet Ski rental companies in Ocean City Maryland all are regulated by the Department of Natural Resources Police. Renting a Jet Ski in Ocean City is a safe and great experience. Jet Ski Rentals are 1 hour rental trips that go out about every hour at designated times all day from 8:30am-sunset. Each renter will join a group of up to 10 other rentals at a time that all leave and arrive back to the docks at the same time. All rental companies are required to have a 1 Jet Ski guide for every 5 renters. 

Q: How can someone rent without a boaters license? 

A: Maryland Law requires anyone riding a personal watercraft to be 16 years of age, with a valid photo ID, and possess a valid boaters License. The Department of Natural Resources Police certifies and authorizes us with certain restrictions and guidelines to provide renters over the age of 16 a temporary pass to ride a personal watercraft. To obtain the temporary pass, each driver must complete in full the rental contract agreement, take and pass a 13 question test provided by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police that is only provided in English, understand and abide by all rules and instructions given by Jet Ski Guide which is required to take all renters out to our designated riding area, and bring safely back in to the docks. 

Q: Do you allow walk ins or do I need to make a reservation?

A: Yes we do allow walk-ins but we prefer that you make a reservation at least one day in advance. You can make a reservation online, or you can call us at any of our three locations for assistance. Please note that our campground locations have poor cell service, you can always visit us at our offices. 

Q: Can renters switch drivers? 

A: Renters can switch drivers only on the water, and with the assistance of the Jet Ski guide. All drivers must take and pass the written MDNRP test. 

Q: Can renters return back to the docks to swap passengers?

A: NO! To offer the best and safest over all experience, renters must remain with their trip and Jet Ski Guides at all times. 

Q: Can I rent for longer than an hour, do you offer weekly rentals?

A: Unfortunately, the regulations we operate under restricts us from renting longer than 1 hour. 

Q: How much does it cost? What payment methods do you accept?

A: Jet Ski Rentals are $109 dollars for the hour, up to 3 riders or 400lbs. We accept cash, and most major credit cards. 

Q: What kind of jet ski’s do you offer?

A: We offer new Yamaha Waverunners. Each ski can hold up to three people and offer great speed, stabilization and safety for all costumers. Our Jet Skis are unrestricted and are not regulated by rental keys. Our high output waverunners travel up to 50mph, thats up to 20mph over our competitors. Our prices may not be discounted as much as others, but with the additional fuel burned, and the additional training necessary for the higher speeds, The safety and experience is well worth the investment! 

Q: Do you provide the proper life jackets in the rental or do I need to bring my own?

A: Top Gun Watersports provides each costumer with proper life jackets that will fit and abide by the safety rules of Maryland.

Q: I’ve never been on a jet ski before, is it dangerous?

A: Waverunners are just like cars, bikes, motorcycles, and Fourwheelers,  except they DON'T have brakes! You must know how to obey all boating rules and regulations from the test provided during the paperwork. Our trained staff provides a full orientation on how to operate and where to operate your jet ski for your safe riding pleasure before heading out to our riding area. Each trip, we send our customers out with up to three guides that have been trained and certified by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police. 

Q: How old do I need to be in order to rent, ride and drive a waverunner at your locations? Do I need a valid boaters license?

A: In order to rent a waverunner, you must be 18 years of age with a valid government issued ID, have a major credit card and or $250 cash for a refundable security deposit on each ski. You can be 16 years of age to drive a jet ski alone, but must have a valid government issued ID, along with parent/guardian consent (parent or guardian will be responsible for any and all damages that are done to the waverunner/jet ski and or any other personal property waverunner/jet ski makes contact with). A Boaters License is recommended but not required. We are authorized by the Department of Natural resources Police to provide a temporary license for renters who do not have a boaters license. We provide all the necessary literature and resources to pass a 13 question quiz for the temporary license. Children riding on the ski must be at least 3 or 4 years old. Children able to ride must sit behind the driver (not in front) and be able to hold on. The size and strength of your child makes a difference on whether or not they will be able to ride on the jet ski. We suggest coming by one of our locations so we can place your child on a ski and see if there feet touch the foot pads. 

Q: What if I don’t show up for my rental? Do you hold any deposits?

A: When you make your reservation online, you will pay in full. If you call our location and make a reservation by phone, we will place a hold on a provided credit card for the amount of the rental (once you arrive at the location you have the option to pay cash and we will release the hold). We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. You cannot change or cancel your reservation in the 24 hours prior to your reservation. The rental spot(s) reserved are designated for you, if you are a “no-show” or arrive late, your temporary hold will not be released and used to pay for your designated rental slot. If you pre-paid and did not show up for your reservation, there is no rescheduling or refunds. Our trip times are set to send out up to 10 rental units at a time, and if you arrive late, you may not make your reserved time slot. 

Q: Will I need to pay for the gas in the jet ski?

A: Nope! Your rental comes gassed up and ready to go!

Q: What time are your trips for rentals? Can I rescheduled?

A: Our trips are planned to go out every hour and 15 mins. All reservations are held with a Amex, Visa, MasterCard or Discover card number. Our first trip starts at 9 am and the final trips leaves the dock at 7 pm. When rescheduling, you MUST give a 24 hour notice ahead of time. Our schedule is tight and we want to give the best service and ride time possible!

Q: Will the weather affect my Jet Ski Rental?

A: We are open rain or shine! However, if in the event of heavy rain, wind warnings, or thunderstorms, it will be at the customers discretion and obligation to reschedule your trip for a different time or day. Trips returned due to inclement weather and under 45 minutes will be rescheduled for a later date. Trips returned due to inclement weather that extend past 45 minutes, will be counted as a full trip and no rescheduling or refunds will be allowed. 

Q: How many riders on each Jet Ski/Waverunner, How much weight can each ski hold?

A: Up to 3 riders, or 400lbs. 

Q: How do I apply for open positions?

A: Below we provide all the information needed to apply and join our Top Gun Watersports family. 


Employment Responsibilities

    Top Gun Watersports strictly enforce 100% of our staff to maintain the state of Maryland's Boater Safety course certificate. We require the State of Maryland's annual Personal Watercraft Guide certification for all our jet ski guides. Our staff and crew members are current with all CPR and First Aid certification for your safety. Guides and cashiers will be required to hold a boaters safety card for employment and guides will go through a two hour training with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to learn all the proper requirments and training for the guide position.  


Operations Manager

    This job consists of coordinating, managing and monitoring the workings of various departments in the organization. Organization and placement of required staff are key when it comes to TopGun Watersports. Managing customer support as well as plan, support sales and marketing activities during the summer season. 


Personal Watercraft Guides

    Personal Watercraft Guides are responsible for instructing customers how to safely operate their rented PWC and inform customers of MD laws for operating PWCs as well as enforcing Maryland PWC laws on renters. Guides will lead a group of renters to our designated riding area and ensure safe operation of all rented watercraft from TopGun Watersports. Guides may also be responsible for instructing customers on how to operate and follow MD laws on pontoon boats or other rental equipment. 


Cashiers or Reservations Specialist

    Cashiers are responsible for taking reservations, answering phones, ensure all paperwork is filled out correctly by customers and ring customers up in the office. Cashiers may at times be required to assist guides with waverunner rentals and pontoon boat rentals as needed.

Please complete the following forms and email them with a current resume to:  

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